The Reality of Many Parts

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The Reality Of Many Parts

A couple of years ago I taught a series of conversations about living with a clear conscience – which, in my mind – is the true purpose of God’s Law (the Ten Commandments). A clear conscience leads to personal freedom, and this is God’s total intent for His children. Though we live in the Turbulence of Imperfection, we have been given grace to live here in freedom.

Through these podcasts we are considering essays about chaos, personal story, transcendence, conscience, locating true north, and finding true hope. Each of these subjects deserve to be mined deeply as we seek to find solutions to the imperfection that surrounds us.

Our many parts defined by the Word of God:

√  Our bodies – how do they bless us? Limit us?
√  Our minds – what are the amazing things here? The concerning things?
√  Our hearts – how do we look inside of our heart of intention?
√  Our souls (spirit) – how will this part of us never die?
√  Our consciences – how do we live in this realm of freedom?

I am actually quite a positive soul (yet perhaps also a little cynical and impatient). Still, I am honest with myself. By way of a reasonable understanding of human history – and having my eyes opened during the decades which I have inhabited – I have concluded several things. First, there is a certain amount of true chaos alongside the beautiful order in and around everything. It strikes me that imperfection is part of the very nature of where we live. Who we are. From this imperfection springs turbulence, where a person simply cannot ignore the effects of the wild chaos we see. It provides complete contrast and opportunity for faith to germinate, grow, and thrive.

Faith writers, philosophers, and all forms of scientists – each wrestle with things beyond our control. It is as though natural laws and the building blocks of life have been set into motion on a level which encompasses every part of our journey, yet precludes answers to certain deeper questions. In the midst of science, faith, and philosophy, I must somehow find the peace of mind to know my existence matters – and that my life is significant.

These conversations: Chaos, Story, Transcendence, and Conscience form the basis for each essay. True North and Finding Hope help me make sense of it. Different philosophers and theologians hold varied views on the body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit. Science is most vocal about physical realities and varies in this from philosophy or faith. I believe this is why we need science, philosophy, and faith to completely grasp meaning.

As we engage turbulence we navigate the ever-present imperfection we face each day. Over years of engaging with people, I have witnessed and experienced much turbulence, and it has led me to search for answers to these more difficult questions.

√   You probably know well the impact of suffering in and around your life. Loss and disappointment are everywhere. Why?

√   What underlies this inescapable and seemingly harsh imperfection?

By sorting out who we are – beyond the body we inhabit for such a limited time – we can achieve peace of mind regarding some of the unsettling and disturbing circumstances of our lives.

Perhaps these essays will enhance contemplation for your personal hoped-for outcomes.

Your fellow turbulence travelers,
Dave and Burnadette

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