God Lights

I saw some pretty cool northern lights when I was about 10 years old. I remember the feeling that they were dancing. Through some unplanned events I ended up in Canada a few weeks ago (before the mosquitos hatched) and met a fun, kind couple in another cabin who had incredible pix of the lights from two nights earlier. I was all in.

I was with a new to me group of people: a sweet 17-year-old and her God-thoughtful father and her grandfather, a delightful 18-year-old young man and his awesomely kind father, as well as my friend who has been doctoring my eyes for the last 35 years. I also met a man who was famous for never writing a book (but who was one of those guys you would trust managing your 401K.) His boat partner was another guy filled with life: he felt like a brave overcomer to me – and ended up catching the biggest walleye AND northern pike.

Around 10 PM, as we watched the lights from the camp pier, we were all in awe. It was so satisfying as we shared in the beauty and delight of this one-of-a-kind show. The idea that this phenomena results from reflections of the sun off the polar ice cap is pretty humbling to contemplate. Since my return I have asked half a dozen of my fellow city dwellers if they know what causes the effect. Six for six – no one knew but were excited to hear when I whipped out my iPhone and showed them the pics!

As we watched, the young woman in our group remarked “this is one of the best days of my life.” True for me as well. These three pix were from that night. God lights are the best lights, right?!

I won’t even mention how many walleyes we caught.

Dave and Burnadette (she missed me)

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