S1E23: Epoch 6 – Shining Light 2/Deeper in the 4 Gospels

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Shining Light 2 - Deeper In The 4 Gospels

The Power of Four: we have previously discussed the backgrounds and nature of the four Gospels, and how each is designed for the specific purpose of revealing God through Jesus. You will notice in our Book by Book course that we have taken time to provide an overview to help unlock the message of each of the 66 books. Today we do so with the four Gospels in mind.

At some point you may wish to make use of four collections of essays (short books) which will help animate the depths of each unique Gospel message. They can be found/ordered under Fourthstream.com/books

For Matthew we recommend the book Kingdom: Finding Your True Self. 

For Mark the book Curious Journey: Your Story Matters begins to address the issue of identity and personal story.

Luke focuses on the great price paid and the insurmountable odds Jesus overcame. The Turbulence of Imperfection: Finding Our Way in a Darkening World gives us direction as to the why so we can connect the way God meant for us to – through our expanding hope!

The Gospel of John fits well with Mentored by God: Essays About What Really Matters as we investigate what was important to Jesus – and what He did about it.

This pdf provides an outline for the Power of Four. Use it as you listen and read this episode. We think you’re going to like it!

Dave and Burnadette

Power of Four

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