007: Marriage Partnership 2

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SH10-010: Marriage Partnership #2


Is a very important aspect of marriage, and can be one of the most challenging. The differences between male and female. The circumstances which impact intimacy. The varied needs and apparent selfishness that gets in the way. Keep the heart-fires burning! This looks distinctly different for different people.

Our time is probably one of our most important assets. How we plan (and if) determines much on whether or not we will be on the same page, does it not? And to plan in a satisfactory manner required all kinds of emotional capital and skill. What can we do to draw us into agreement on our priorities, as well as how we spend our time.

Some relationships are more work than others, but to endure in strength we must experience oneness. Romance (intimacy) and planning (intentionality) impact oneness – and ultimately the strength of our home. These three qualities make our partnership strong, and that strength can be passed on to our generations.

“Arrogant know-it-alls stir up discord, but wise men and women listen to each other’s counsel.”  – Proverbs 13:10/Message

Your conversation guide for these three assets

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