030: Family Agreements

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Family Agreements

Every family has unique characteristics – a recipe if you will. Vigilant parents will implement internal agreements which guide the family heart. For instance, while we were big on communicating what we felt, we were also committed to being respectful with one another. This was both a spoken and unspoken part of the core of who we were. 

To this day we see each of our grown children (and grandchildren) implement this standard in how they neighbor, do business, and parent. Very gratifying!

“I have a serious concern to bring up with you, my friends, using the authority of Jesus, our Master. I’ll put it as urgently as I can: You must get along with each other. You must learn to be considerate of one another, cultivating a life in common.
– 1 Corinthians 1:10/Message

Firing up the making Family Agreements conversation

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